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The Home Loan Magician is a respected mortgage lender who specializes in home loans for bad credit with loan types like subprime, FHA, refinancing mortgages, hard money financing and VA purchase loans for first time homebuyers. We are a bad credit lender and financing company that continue to provide solid advice for comparing mortgage rates, home loans, home equity and refinancing interest considerations.

Our company was founded by a group of bankers and lenders that understood the demand for helping Americans with less than perfect credit. We believe that there is more to a borrower than the credit score, so we created bad credit home loans that reflect our original vision. We know that each loan approval is one step closer to helping a family reduce their housing expenses that will ultimately help finance their retirement. We believe in the "American Way" and understand that home financing helps create wealth and preserve our heritage. Take advantage of our website that will help you learn how to get a home loan with bad credit even if you have a bankruptcy or foreclosure in your history. Even if you are new to the house buying game, we can connect you with first time home loans with bad credit.

Will you be able to afford an increase in your mortgage payment when your adjustable rate loan becomes adjustable? Are you comfortable with the uncertainty of not knowing what your mortgage payment will be in years to come? If you answered yes to any of these questions, take advantage of a free consultation from the home financing geniuses at the Home Loan Magician. We operate our financing headquarters in Massachusetts, but we service mortgage loans nationally. Not many mortgage companies offer subprime home loans anymore, but we continue to be one of the last bad credit lenders that American consumers can turn to. If you have need a bad credit home loan and have a government mortgage like a FHA or VA mortgage we may have a refinance solution for you with the streamline refinance. This loan has no minimum credit score, no equity is needed and income documentation is very limited.

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100% Mortgage

Mortgage Refinancing can sometimes make your debt disappear. Borrowers are consistently refinancing their home to pay off credit card debts and to pay off additional consumer loans. Whether you need to refinance credit cards or revise your mortgage to improve the terms, Home Loan Magician has you covered. We offer refinance loans for bad credit, 2nd mortgages, jumbo loans, FHA refinancing and mortgage modification programs for borrowers who do not qualify to refinance. Get connected with lenders for people with bad credit.

People with credit problems still need help financing a new home. Home Loan Magician works some magic with their 1st time homebuyer programs that allow bad credit and past bankruptcies. If you have a good job and are determined to buy a home, we will help you find a home purchase loan with a FHA mortgage that works with your budget.

Choose from Conventional, Sub-Prime, FHA, VA and Non Conforming Jumbo Loans. FHA loan rates have dipped below 5%, so lock into a fixed 30-year mortgage at 4.5%.

Debt consolidation loans have reached new levels with borrowers refinancing debts with 1st mortgages, 2nd loans and hard money loans when credit scores dip below the 500 threshold. Choose from our "Bill Pay" second mortgages to our "Jumbo" consolidation mortgages. All our bill consolidation solutions offer fixed rate loans that free up cash flow with lower payments and better loan terms


The recent crash of mortgage companies has definitely made qualifying for high LTV loans more tricky, but Home Loan Magician has been able to pull the 100% home loan out of their loan program that many times with no equity financing options for refinancing and purchase loans. Choose from VA mortgage loans that offer the best rate, regardless of your credit score. Only VA offers 100% financing for veterans with low credit scores.


Mortgage rates all over the map this week: Rates are remarkable, but you may need help qualifying for a home loan with no money down, so choosing the Home Loan Magician to help you finance a home online is a great first step. Upcoming economic reports have markets on edge and the interest rates could be affected significantly. Refinance Guidelines for borrowers looking to get cash out, have tightened once again.


Standard & Poor's downgrades $3.8 billion in home loans - Ratings agency says seconds showing worse-than-expected performance. 1st mortgage defaults spiked as well.

Home mortgage-rescue: FBI Uncovers HELOC fraud schemes
California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia lead states for mortgage fraud.

Subprime borrowers paying off credit cards before mortgages
Experian study reveals departure from past norms. However debt settlement initiatives have increased as well, so many borrowers have not paid back loans as agreed. Subprime refinancing is more difficult to find but Home Loan Magician still has a few tricks up their sleeves.

Get a reverse mortgage on your home loan that pays you!
More mortgage lenders are offering retirement products with restrictions
Real Estate and Housing News

Builder confidence in 5-month slide - Inventories, affordability problems high on housing industry's radar. Rehab loan inquiries rose with rise of foreclosed homed being purchased.

Survey: average home purchase price down 2.2% from June to July - Monthly report excludes FHA, VA backed mortgages, balloon loans.

Economist expects U.S. home sales prices to fall -10% -
Forecast says no double dip recession, but 'certainly close.' How long can the Federal Reserve keep the home loan rates so low?

Realtors lower 2011 housing expectations -
Latest forecast projects 25% drop in housing starts

Second Home Loans Tighten! 2nd home sales dropped dramatically in 2010 as lenders started requiring a lot more money down for purchasing and more equity for second home loan refinancing. The share of vacation home sales falters again and foreclosure rates continue to pick up steam.

Bad Credit Score Home Loans

You can still get a decent fixed rate on your home mortgage even if you have less-than-perfect credit with your choice of loans from the Home Loan Magician. Choose from Hard Money, FHA home loans and sub-prime home mortgages designed for borrowers with low credit scores. If you have compensating factors, like a good job or significant equity then there is a good chance we will be able to find a bad credit lender who will approve you for a home loan.

  • Bad Credit Mortgage Lending
  • Hard Money Home Loans
  • Interest Only Equity Lines
  • Non-Prime 2nd Mortgages
  • Fixed Rate Home Refinancing
  • Foreclosure Prevention Loans
  • Home Loan Modifications

Home mortgages can be costly, but with Home Loan Magician we will show you how to keep your money in your pocket with our low cost loans that allow borrowers to finance their fees. But loans can be even more costly when your fico score is low as you may end up being charged a higher mortgage rate for a subprime home loan.

  • Hard Money Home Loans
  • Jumbo Home Mortgages
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Discard Option ARM Home Loans
  • Debt Consolidation Refinancing
  • Subprime Home Loans
  • Poor Credit FHA Home Purchase

Home equity loans have come back in style with the recent mortgage rate hikes that have many borrowers reconsidering refinancing their entire home mortgage. Many borrowers are opting to refinance their line of credit from their 80-20 purchase loans. While revising their credit line with a fixed rate equity loan, many homeowners have gotten wise by refinancing their high rate consumer loans at the same time. Choose from our magic 2nd mortgages to our home equity loan reward programs that do not charge any points for returning clients. For more information from our premier lending associate please visit Nationwide Mortgages for bad credit home equity loans.

FHA Home Loans
These legendary government loans offer affordable loan payments for borrowers hindered by bad credit. It's important to understand what an FHA home mortgage is. Believe it or not, the Federal Housing Administration is not a mortgage lender. Rather it is a federal government agency that guarantees home loans by private lenders, making home mortgages available to borrowers who may have a difficult time qualifying, often because of a lack of credit history or poor credit scores.

  • Reverse Home Mortgages
  • No More Negative Amortization
  • Hybrid ARM Home Financing
  • Bankruptcy Home Refinance
  • Hope for Homeowners
  • FHA Home Loans for Bad Credit

Cost of Homeownership
First-time home buyers typically are most concerned with their monthly mortgage payments. Homeowners are usually concerned about the hard loan costs associated with financing a home. It is imperative that homeowners create a financial budget with a five and ten year outlook.

Owning real estate also entails new expenses as well. Here are some of the items that belong in a typical household budget:

  • Local Property Taxes
  • Home Owners Insurance
  • Earthquake Insurance
  • Home Repairs and Maintenance
  • Home Owners Association Dues

Home Loan Magician Testimonials

"Thanks to your team I was able to save my house from a foreclosure. I was in payment default and fortunately you showed me how to make my equity work for me. Even though my credit scores are unbearable, you figured out how to get me approved for refinancing." - Jarrod B., Atlanta, Georgia

"I was treated like a celebrity when I first called and the excellent customer service continued every step of the process. I received my funding check today and my family appreciates your high level of professionalism that made me comfortable getting a home loan online." - Maureen H., Oakland California

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