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Hard Money Loans from Lenders at the Home Loan Magician

We offer private lending and hard money financing with commercial and bridge loans for all types of borrowers. The Home Loan Magician extends credit to homeowners with really bad credit. If you have 25% or more equity left in your home, our underwriting staff will disregard your credit score. No matter what type of home loan you're interested in, we are committed to working with your family to find you the best home loan for your individual needs.

Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Loan Benefits:

  • Foreclosure Bail-outs or Close Bankruptcies
  • Finance Construction on Investment Properties
  • Competitive Rates on Hard Money Home Loans
  • Refinance current mortgage loans
  • Pay off collections and judgments
  • Cash for home renovating
  • Expanded Hard Money Loan Programs
  • Get Quick Cash from Private Money Lenders

If conventional mortgages do not work with your credit scores then consider our private money lending. Our hard money lenders offers cash out opportunities with 2nd chance loans for borrowers with less than perfect credit or who have difficulties documenting income with pay-stubs, W2's and tax returns.

The Home Loan Magician has a loan program unique to most mortgage lenders. We specialize in foreclosure and bankruptcy refinancing and our underwriting staff will evaluate your credit problems regardless of the credit score. Whether you need money to finance the purchase of an apartment building or help generate funds with a rehab loans, our hard money lenders are standing by ready to help you with alternative solutions that banks aren't willing to do anymore.

  • Funds for Bill Consolidation
  • Cash for House Construction
  • Money to Pay-Off Debts
  • 60% No Ratio Loans
  • 65% Stated Income Loans
  • 70% Full Documentation

For the last 20-years, the Home Loan Magician has become one of the most respected hard money lenders in the country. We have a processing center in Boston Massachusetts and a loan origination center in San Diego, California as well. Unlike most private financing companies, HLM lets borrowers work directly with the lenders. Most of our hard money loans are taken out so the borrower can get access to money quickly, but many people are also using hard money as a rehab loan to finance remodeling, construction and more.



Hard Work Goes into Every Loan Approval!

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This is not a solicitation for a home loan or a commitment to make hard money loans under any particular terms. Certain restrictions apply. Home loans are subject to final underwriting approval.