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Refinance Home Loans

Home Loan Magician offers refinance opportunities with home loans that feature reduced interest rates and expanded options for cash back or debt consolidation. Talk to lenders and find out if it makes sense to refinance home loans with today's interest rates. People holding their breath for a rate reduction from the Federal Reserve, may be waiting for a long time. All indications point towards no movement or slight rate increases. This means that those who wait to refinance will lose money as their mortgage payment begins to adjust negatively. Our clients continue to finance and refinance their home mortgages with us because we offer competitive interest rates and great service.

  • Home refinancing terms with fixed rates options from 30 to 50 years
  • Fixed Payment Refinance
  • Cash Back Refinancing
  • Loan Consolidation

Some experts suggest that many of the subprime mortgages that have gone bad never should have been made at all. Some of the prime loans that are starting to go bad should have been made only if the lenders could guarantee that housing prices would keep going up. Many homeowners choose home improvement loans as a vehicle to fund the much needed repairs around the house. Many borrowers choose a bad credit home equity loan to finance house repairs and construction costs as well.

Unfortunately, the housing prices have not continued to rise, and the drop has contributed to Countrywide’s 33% reduction in quarterly earnings and 10% stock drop on Tuesday. According to company officials the problem was a significant increase in delinquencies by prime borrowers who had taken out home equity loans. When prices were rising, homeowners were able to escape out of their adjustable rate mortgages by refinancing the loans or selling their homes.

Now with tighter mortgage lending standards arising it is becoming increasing difficult for the average borrower to escape from their variable rate nightmare. "The challenge now is going to be for people who would like to refinance, but the value of the property is materially lower than their existing loan," said housing economist Thomas Lawler.

This could translate to a continued increase for sub-prime-loan defaults are likely to set the foreclosure market on fire. Sales of new homes in April increased 12%, in part due to an 11% drop in the median home sale price. Prices dipped 1% in May as sales figures continue to drop.

Sub-Prime Home Financing  - People with credit problems still need help financing a new home. Home Loan Magician continues to pull rabbits out of the hat with their refinance programs that allow low credit scores and past bankruptcies. We offer refinance loan that can improve your financial situation. Choose from Fannie Mae Conforming, Sub-Prime, FHA, VA and Jumbo Home Loans.

Bill Consolidation – Consolidating debts has reached new heights with homeowners refinancing their bills and loans with adjusting interest rates. Consumers can save thousands of dollars a year when they consolidate debts when they are refinancing their home.

Also consider our “Bill Pay” 2nd mortgages and our hard money loans if your credit score is below 500. All our bill consolidation solutions offer fixed rate loans that increase your cash flow when your payments are lowered.


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This is not a solicitation for a home loan or a commitment to make mortgages under any particular terms. Certain restrictions apply. Home refinance loans are subject to final underwriting approval.